Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of Retirement for One Last Job!

I seem to have upset the lads at DublinOpinion and now my comments appear to be being 'moderated' away.

Below is what I have been trying to put as a comment. Maybe they'll up it up, maybe they won't. Ho hum.

I guess it depends on why you write a blog.

If it is to persuade people of your views through discussion or bring about an exchange that might tease out and illuminate an issue then I would suggest encouraging comments is pretty essential, even comments you disagree with. Dismantling someone's ridiculous position through a reasoned argument is far more effective that Yah Boo Sucks. All too often the aggressive tone and nature of the comments made on Dublin Opinion cuts the discussion dead. Remember the Desmond Fennell comments?

If you want to blast out in messianic megaphone style to only the true believers, then comments don't really matter. You can replace the square box where readers can enter text at the end of each page with a button that says 'I wholeheartedly agree with the above opinion'. Good luck with that.

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Pavement Trauma said...

Follow up: The comment has been published, so kudos to the D.O. lads; censorship is not one of their vices. The problems of posting comments yesterday morning must have been merely technical.